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Hi! My name is Ariel and I like NOISE! 

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A Bit About Me

Of all of the websites, on all of the browsers, on all of the internet, you clicked on mine… Thanks!

I'm here to create sound design for narrative based games, to bring the story to life and connect the player to that story. My focus is on creating sound design that builds a story in which the player can feel connected. In each of my projects, I want to create an environment that causes our players to have the emotional response that is intended by our story. I like to do this by doing my own field and studio recordings and creating original sounds. By doing this, each sound I make is unique to the project and helps to build a world that the players want to be a part of and care about.

What are my favorite kinds of games to play you ask? I love anything with a good story! (Shocking I know!) I love all kinds of games from the Mass Effect series (yes Andromeda included!) and Assassin's Creed (yes all of them!) all the way to What Remains of Edith Finch and Firewatch! Give me a good story and I'm a happy gal!

What are we doing still hanging around here? We have stories to build! Let's go!

Sounds create worlds. I’m here to create a universe. 

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